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We are dedicated to providing technologically advanced and energy efficient HVACR solutions in the marine, industrial, and oil and gas industry. We are committed to delivering the greatest value for our customers through a total solution business model.

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Specializing in the design and manufacture of standard and customized equipment.
The industry is divided into various sectors, each with its own individual requirements, environmental conditions, regulations and specifications.

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What We Do

Commissioning and Rebalancing

Commissioning and re balancing is essential to ensure that systems are achieving their design performance.

Baseline Auditing and Inspection

Auditing and inspection enables an accurate picture to be developed as to the condition and performance of system equipment.

Routline Maintenance

Our team of experienced service engineers and technicians travel the globe to carry out scheduled maintenance on HVACR equipment.

Duct Cleaning

Regular inspection and cleaning of ductwork is a basic requirement of health and safety, spores and microorganisms grow in dirty ducts can be responsible for respiratory problems.

Spare Parts

We have established relationships with a wide variety of major manufacturers enabling us to source a large range of engineering equipment & spares efficiently at competitive prices.

...And More!

We offer many other services including compliance services & testing, installation, integrity reviews, system performance and diagnostic checks, and more!

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