Air Conditioning

We offer stainless steel, rust-free outdoor ducts, insulation and stainless steel cladding both onshore and offshore. We supply all air-handling units including:

  • Direct expansion or chilled water system
  • Condensing unit
  • Chilled water unit
  • Single duct air-conditioning units
  • Crane Cabin air-conditioning units
  • Diver saturation habitat air conditioning system
  • Air handling units with heat recovery system/steam humidification/pressurization

Based on your needs, the following is also available:

  • ATEX approved explosion proof air-conditioning products for hazardous environments
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving design with lower energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

Our chiller and condensing units are designed to be compact and light, allowing for easy maintenance. We offer a complete line of direct expansion systems and water chilled for indirect cooling with cooling capacities ranging from 5kW to 1400kW. Systems can be custom-engineered to fulfill all requirements from ship owners, shipyards, classifications and national authorities. Our systems are air-cooled or water-cooled (either seawater or fresh water) with reciprocating, rotary screw type or multi-compressor configurations. Material used can be chosen from full stainless steal casing with coated fin and copper tube to titanium plate type heat exchange for seawater application.

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